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Waldo T Dinosaur

Waldo T Dinosaur is the professional stage name of Waldo Dinosaur, the eponym of Waldowood. A brightly colored green and orange stegosaurus, Waldo has served as Mrs. Mommy Ma'am's personal guardian for over thirty years and, more recently, has aapparently, has become the model for movie stegosaurs, that these days all seem to be green and orange, too.

Waldo Arrives!

In December 1986, while exploring the mysterious place “Roosevelt Field,” Mr. Daddy Sir found Waldo and took him home to serve as the guardian of Mrs. Mommy Ma’am. Waldo thrived and was soon establishing the CAFFE, the Clean Air Fund For Dinosaurs, dedicated to ridding the planet of “bad air,” especially the “bad air” from Mr. Daddy Sir, which Waldo thought had caused the extinction of other dinosaurs.

In conjunction with his CAFFE activities, Waldo discovered his love of sweet-smelling purple flowers and deduced that his purple belly may have been colored by an early diet of lilac flowers.

Establishes Waldowood

While not quite three years ago, Waldo established Waldowood and become mayor of this town “where people and dinosaurs peacefully coexist.” Waldowood gave Waldo to become active in political affairs, following in the footsteps of Mrs. Mommy Ma’am.

Waldo was the first dinosaur to participate in a museum poll asking whether dinosaurs were hot or cold blooded. Being a dinosaur, he knew the correct answer was “hot blooded,” which scientists later confirmed for themselves. Waldo also battled the “blasphemous” Meet The Dinosaurs book that claimed that stegosaur brains were “dull” and they had weak and tiny brains. Waldo also disputed the myth that stegosaurs had a second brain up their derrieres. (It would take Waldo and scientists nearly twenty years to clear up these misconceptions.)

Creates Waldo Canasta

Shortly after Waldowood was established, Mr. Daddy Sir taught a Canasta card game variant that became known as Waldo Canasta. Soon everyone in Waldowood was playing this card game and Waldo organized the first Waldo Canasta Championships.

Waldo Canasta become so popular that Waldo organized several different team or individual annual championships. Waldo was always a strong player, but never won any individual championships, often losing to Benjamin S. "Stuffy" Bear, the undisputed best Waldo Canasta player in Waldowood.

Gains a Son and Moves to Apartment

Being devoted to Mrs. Mommy Ma’am did not leave much time for romance in Waldo’s life so far. However, Waldo soon gained a son, Winston, as well as a Waldo Canasta partner, Egbert, another green dinosaur with whom he formed the Green Team, that won Waldo his only Waldo Canasta chanpionship.

As Waldo gained many new dinosaur and other friends, he needed his own place to live. Books were cleared from a hutch and Waldo moved into the ground level. Unfortunately, his new apartment become so popular that most of the Waldowood community wanted to move in, too. At least, Waldo was able to keep his special purple-flower pillow as well as a corner space that had a view.

Eclipsed by Rabbits

Starting in the mid 1990s, Waldo found himself neglected as Mrs. Mommy Ma’am started to favor rabbits. Waldo had to console himself by visiting with his son and other special friends, including Kirby, the bottle-nosed dolphin. Waldo still did get to go on trips as everyone knew Waldo and some were still keen on seeing him perform such tricks as pretending to swim like a dolphin. Opportunities for playing Waldo Canasta become fewer and fewer in this period. Revenues for the CAFFE dried up, but Waldo remained active in combating the lies of the “blasphemous book.”

Becomes an Early Internet Pioneer

Ever looking to the future, Waldo was a pioneering user of homestead.com, then a free web-hosting service. Waldo posted news and pictures of Waldowood. Unfortunately, when the service stopped being free, Waldo lost his website.

Experiences the Decade of the Teddy Bears

With the beginning of the new millennia, Waldo found himself ignored by Mrs. Mommy Ma’am, who had started to collect grizzly bear teddy bears. For most of the first decade, Waldo stayed in his apartment, ignored by Mrs. Mommy Ma’am.

Develops Deep Friendship with Straus

Once a minor Waldowood character, over time Straus the Stressed Out Mouse became friends with Waldo. In the past ten or so years, Waldo and Straus often travel and stay together when Straus is not busy filming one of his //StrausSpace// videos.

Enters Modern Internet Era

In 2007, Waldo was able to secure the URL “Waldowood.com,” that had been in use by a company that supplied wood floors in Waldo, Florida. The establishment of Waldowood Online marked the beginning of the modern Internet Waldo. Later, Waldo adopted the Twitter handler WaldoDinosaur but his dwarf appendages and lack of fingers made it hard for him to send tweets regularly.

Gets Rejected by Facebook

As part of his expansion into the world of the Internet, Waldo applied for a Facebook account, thinking that such an account could supplement his modest website. Waldo was insulted when Facebook software rejected the name “Waldo Dinosaur,” stating that the name did not sound “real.” Happily, this rejection caused Waldo to establish his own website. Imagine what Facebook could have become if they had allowed Waldo to join!

Approves the bw and Opens StrausSpace

Showing acute business sense, Waldo helped arrange the merger of the struggling Bear TV with Waldowood TV to form the bw network. With shows such as MirrorGate: MG-1 and The Adventures of Dirk “Sonny” Lande, the bw made stars of previously unknown bears and increased Waldowood.com viewership by 400%, from opne viewer to four.

Success with the bw, led Waldo to propose that his friend Straus start producing videos. Those videos spawned StrausSpace, the most-viewed video portal that is managed by a mouse.

Science Proves Waldo Correct

Forever combating the rumor that stegosaurs have two brains, Waldo was vindicated when an extensive scientific review of fossils should that stegosaurs did not have two brains, and their single brain, once thought to be the size of a walnut, was actually the size of a hot dog. However, Waldo has no knowledge of the purpose of a large cavity scientists have determined are found in all stegosaurs, but suggests it may be a holding tank for purple flowers.

Loses Election to DJ

In a surprise election called by DJ and about which only DJ was aware, Waldo was voted out of office as mayor of Waldowood during 2017. The final tally was DJ, 1, all others 0.

Waldo Today

Waldo reclaimed the mayoralty of Waldowood in 2019 and has been undoing the damage that Mayor DJ caused. The ill-dated monorail has been disassembled and the wall that DJ was building has been removed.

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