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Originally planned as the basis for a series of children's stories, Waldowood refers to the universe overseen by and lived in by Waldo T Dinosaur. Waldowood exists as a series of places, both imaginary and real, that define Waldo, his relationships, his interests, and customs.

Today, most references to Waldowood are to an HO-scale train village whose antecedents date back more than fifty years ago. Waldowood also refers to the apartment and surroundings in which Waldo lives as well as the mythical place where “people and friendly dinosaurs live in peace.

While Waldowood, the train village, is often described as is “just one train stop beyond Plasticville, in the imagination of your mind,” Waldowood, in all its forms, is actually always near wherever you find love.

Waldowood Online is the official online home for Waldowood and Waldo T. Dinosaur.

Notable Waldowood Events
  • Arrival of Waldo T Dinosaur (see Waldo T Dinosaur).
  • Initial children stories by Mrs. Mommy Ma'am
  • The copyright caper (that other Waldo gets published first)
  • Waldowood relocation
  • Rabbit integration
  • Arrival of Taylor and family
  • Waldowood arrives on the Internet
  • Arrival of N-Scale train service
  • Simultaneous running of 10 ten trains
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